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Ruben Quintana

Multicultural Standup & Sketch Comedy

Christian Comedian Ruben Quintana is a clean, stand-up, multi-cultural comedian that provides clean comedy for church outreach or Christian comedy nights.

Travels From:
Fresno, CA

Booking Fee:
Call 866-400-2036 for a quote

Ruben Quintana is one of the first comedians to breakthrough and successfully establish Latino stand-up comedy throughout the entertainment industry.  His brilliant performances in legendary comedy clubs such as The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, and Improv helped solidify a new marketplace and culture for the entertainment industry to flourish in.  The world of stand-up comedy has never been the same since.  
But let’s rewind and take a trip back to Ruben’s official roots as professional funnyman.  His persona, charisma, and style were carved out in the Black comedy clubs “Chitlin’ Circuit” of Los Angeles, California.  This was certainly no place for the squeamish comedian to perform and it was here that many a great routine was forged.  Ruben’s ability to be “who-larious” on stage earned him the title of being an honorary “Brutha” and qualified him to be one of the first Latino comedians to perform on BET’s Comic View.  As he took the stage it was said, “Aw, this Mexican must be crazy (meaning funny) if he’s in our house!”  No truer words have ever been spoken.  
From that moment on Ruben’s career changed forever and he has not once looked back.  His stories of struggle and triumph transcend every cultural barrier and truly captivate the listening audience as they all unite under one common spirit of laughter.  These easily identifiable and engaging tales of family life have merited him numerous television appearances on network shows such as NBC’s Friday Night, Galavision’s Que Locos, and Si TV’s Latino Laugh Festival.  
As a humorist and public speaker his motivating personality and high spirited presentation is so contagious that you begin to feel, “Don’t I know this guy from somewhere? Is he related to us? Hey, that's what we went through!”  It is this immediate personal connection that Ruben has with his audience which favors him as a preferred speaker for high school assemblies and universities nationwide.  The messages presented address the sensitive issues of bullying, gangs, alcoholism, and drug abuse.  The hope offered is personal responsibility through wiser decision making and genuinely achieving your dreams through perseverance and purpose.  Various clients that he has spoken for include the University of California Los Angeles, University of Southern Florida, University of Houston, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Oregon.
The entertainer living in the heart of Ruben Quintana is a class-act all the way and is always a consummate professional.  He specializes in performing for private functions, conferences, and corporate events.  His unmatched skill as a master of ceremonies for awards shows, charities, and special events keep him at the top of his profession.  His accomplished resume includes clients such as the Ford Motors Corporation, American General Media, Knights of Columbus, United Farm Workers, churches nationwide, Police Athletic League, and all four branches of the United States Armed Forces. 
Now that you have had the chance to meet Ruben through this biography I guarantee you that once you meet him in person he will have you spinning so dizzy with laughter that you will be left breathless, lightheaded, and gasping for air.  
So what are you waiting for?  Book this artist and be entertained like never before!

"There is a tool called 'offense' that the enemy uses to cause division within the body of Christ.  It pulls believers away from the Church and causes them to turn their back on our Father God, Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  I, for one, bought into this lie and chose to backslide at the age of 16.

"The term 'backslide' sounds so temporary and short term, it's as if you can easily catch up at any time if needed.  But in all reality, I took myself out of the will and protection of God for 20 years.

"My life was a never-ending cycle of emptiness. I believed all the lies that the enemy had set before me, sacrificed everything I had and chased 'Stardom.'  The truth is, anything gained out of the will of God, Lordship of Jesus Christ, and comfort of the Holy Spirit is counterfeit to what God has chosen for us.

"Looking back on all those years without Jesus as the focal point of my life, it is a miracle that I even survived.  At any point in time I could have been taken into an eternity of torment.  I was spared while many others never even get a second chance.  God’s mercies, grace and love are eternal and He proves it endlessly by pursuing us, His 'lost sheep.' He is always faithful.

"In the summer of 2001, I was on a three-day road trip to Nevada and Oregon when God spoke to me directly through the radio ministry.  The brand new car that I rented did not come with an antenna so the only stations that I could tune in were those featuring Christian ministry.  My life immediately changed right after that.  Within one month, I met a Christian woman by the name of Margarita who spoke to me about our Lord Jesus Christ. One month later she gave me a Men’s Study Bible. Two months later I rededicated my life to Christ. Three months later I married her… she is the woman of my dreams!!!  I never thought that I could ever be so happy and fulfilled as a husband and as a father.  My life is truly blessed by the hand of God and continues to grow in His fullness each and every day.

"My passion and desire as God’s comedian is to be used by Him in every way possible to reach those 'lost sheep.'  Each day I dedicate my mind, heart, body, soul and spirit to seeking God’s face, direction and will for my life.  I cannot tell you how many times He wakes me up in the middle of the night with funny thoughts or dreams.  I literally laugh myself awake.  If only I could burn a DVD of my dreams I could retire the 'Funniest Man Alive.'  Does God laugh?  Of course He does. That’s why He blessed me with a receding hairline.

"As we know, life may not always be easy for a believer and follower of Jesus Christ but the blood of our Savior guarantees us victory and a personal relationship with our Father God.  I, on the other hand, provide some comic relief.

"May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all."

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