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Downloadable Sermon Videos

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Items 1 - 19 of 19

Downloadable Videos

Outreach Downloadable Videos from Outreach are available for all the different needs your church has. Countdown timer videos, sermon series promotional videos, welcome videos, social media videos, and much more. Church videos can be used for streaming and on social media. MP4 Download. Available FREE with the DKS Church Kit and Video Subscription plan. Get your congregation excited about inviting their friends and family to your sermon series.

You probably don’t need someone to tell you that video grabs attention like no other medium. And ever since video killed the radio star, the use of video and other digital mediums continues to grow. There are many different types of videos your church can use during your services and on your website and social media pages - here is a quick overview:

  1. Promotional Videos - These short videos preview or promote an upcoming event and are designed to get your congregation and/or people visiting your website/Social media page excited about the featured item - see examples.
  2. Invite Videos - As the name suggests an invite video is designed to invite people to your event or church. Invite videos are perfect for social media and to have your congregation share with their friends - see examples.
  3. Countdown Videos - Often a countdown video is just a motion video with a clock added. This is a great way to let people know your service is about to start and that it’s time to take a seat.
  4. Welcome Videos - These videos are designed to play at the beginning of your service to welcome guests and set the tone for the day - see examples.
  5. Sermon Bumpers - Bumper videos are very short and often display the sermon title or series theme and provide a smooth transition to the sermon.

No matter the type, church videos are an easy way to engage your audience and prepare them for the rest of your church service or small group meeting.