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Outreach Facebook Ads for Church Events and Services

Invite more people to your services -
whether at your church or streaming online!

This COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the majority of our relationships online! Is your church fully taking advantage of this opportunity? We’re here to help!

More than ever, people are looking to the Internet to answer their questions about God and to find the community they’re starving for! But, we know you’re busy navigating all the changes of this pandemic. That’s why our team of social media experts is here to help your church set up the perfect Facebook Ad Campaign to reach into the specific geolocations and demographics of your community, so that you can share God’s love with those who need it and invite them to connect with your church whether in-person or online.

Whether you’re hosting an event or gathering people for weekly online or in-person services, Facebook Ads are an effective (and surprisingly inexpensive) way to reach people right where they are at and invite them to church! Whatever your budget, we are here to help you make the most of the opportunity to invite more people to your church.

Outreach Facebook Ads for Churches has Served:

Over 900 churches served by Outreach Facebook Ads


Over 10.4 million people reached with Outreach Facebook Ads

People Reached

Over 55.7 million views on Facebook and Instagram with Outreach Facebook Ads

Views on Facebook & Instagram

3 simple steps to start reaching more of your community!

Select your design for Outreach Facebook Ads for Church Events and Services


Select a Facebook Ad design
& Facebook Ads Package level

Customize your ad with Outreach Facebook Ads for Church Events and Services


Use our custom platform to give us all
the details about your service or event

See your results for Outreach Facebook Ads for Church Events and Services


We handle the rest! We will build your ad, get your approval, select the target audience, run the ad and send you the report

1. Choose an ad from one of these categories:

2. Benefits of Outreach Facebook Ads:

2. Benefits of Outreach Facebook Ads:

  • Outreach can work with any size budget
  • Outreach will design the graphic and ad with your event information
  • You get to sign off on the ad before it runs
  • We target the audience most likely to respond to your ad
  • We monitor the performance of your ad and make adjustments if needed
  • You receive a detailed report showing reach, impressions, clicks and actions
  • With Outreach Everywhere you can reach the same people with direct mail and Facebook Ads

Facebook has 2.4 billion active users, and more than half of them are active daily. If the church can use Social Media as a tool to invite people to a service or an event that gives them an opportunity to experience the love of Jesus, we can change their lives forever.


Results for Outreach Facebook Ads for Churches

What is a targeted Facebook Ad?

Targeted Facebook Ads are images or videos, that get shared from your church’s Facebook page that go straight to the specific groups of people that you want to reach! The exact people you want to invite will get invited to your church in their Facebook News Feed, along their Facebook sidebar, in their Instagram Feed, or in Facebook or Instagram Stories! Our Outreach Everywhere Social Media Ads team will help you analyze your community, choose the most effective ad graphics, and get those graphics in front of specific zip codes or a radius around your church to attract guests you’ve never reached before and invite them to your services!

What our expert Facebook Ads team provides with each package:


Our Ads Team takes care of your ad campaign set-up, from picking the targeted audience to scheduling the ads before your event.


The world of social media and best practices changes quite often and can be difficult to navigate. Our team keeps up on the latest rule changes and best practices so that your ads will be the most effective they can be.


Our team will monitor your ad’s performance while it is in progress, and make adjustments to improve results if needed. Now that’s service!


One of our team’s core values is stewardship. You won’t need to worry about your ad campaign going over budget or spending too much per click on your campaign. Let our experts do what they do best, so you’ll get maximum reach for your buck.

Summary report

After your campaign runs, we’ll send you an easy-to-read report of how your ads performed so that you can share with your team and celebrate what God did through your commitment to reach your community.

Read more in FAQS

Outreach Facebook Ads for Churches

Why should I do Outreach Facbook Ads?

You’re busy, and we respect that. Strategizing ways to reach your community takes time, and we’re here to do the work for you.

We like Facebook Ads because they are:
• Immediately deliverable - start reaching people this week!
• Cheap per person!
• Great for multiple impressions- inviting the same person multiple times!
• Effective at getting people to respond- these messages have higher response rates & higher brand recognition rates.
• Broad-reaching- Your Outreach Facebook Ads impressions will be from 15,000 to 50,000 (average) depending on your package!

And, we’ll do all the work to get them set up to be highly effective for your church. Dollar for dollar, Outreach Facebook Ads are the most effective marketing spend you can make!

Outreach Facebook Ads for Churches

Who will see my Facebook Ads?

Your ads will run on Facebook and/or Instagram for 10-15 days depending on the ad package you choose.

Outreach Facebook Ads for Churches

Does it work?

Yes! We’ve received several great stories about how effective Facebook ads are to get people to respond to church invitations and raise awareness of the church in their community.

Outreach Facebook Ads for Churches

What will my Facebook Ad look like?

Our Facebook Ads experts will create an ad proven to reach your community and provide higher response rates. Your ad(s) will run on Facebook and or/Instagram for 10-15 days depending on the ad package you choose.

Outreach Facebook Ads for Churches


  1. What should I do if we don't have a Facebook page?
  2. What does it mean to give Outreach “Facebook advertiser access”?
  3. What if we do not have an Instagram account?
  4. When will my ads run on Facebook and Instagram, and for how long?
  5. How many people on Facebook and Instagram will see my ads?
  6. How will I know if visitors are coming because of the Facebook Ad?
  7. Can I customize my Facebook Ads?
  8. Can I choose more than one ad?
  9. Can I have a copy of the Facebook Ad so I can post it to my website or share it on my personal social media pages?
  10. What is the best way to follow up with people who comment or like my Facebook Ads?
Outreach Facebook Ads for Churches